Top performing holiday home features

Top performing holiday home features

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There are some obvious factors that contribute to the success of your holiday let investment. Seaside views for example command on average £2,500 more in revenue per annum. Properties that accommodate four people are also very popular.

Whilst characteristics deemed 'quirky' and 'luxury' can have an overall positive impact on revenue and bookings.

1. Offering short breaks

Short breaks are becoming more popular; over the last 12 months, (they have increased by 28% at The Travel Chapter properties). Now, approximately 30% of bookings are short breaks. Offering the booking flexibility to accommodate three or four-night stays will support the popularity of your property.


2. Hot tubs

A popular search for families, groups, and couples alike, having a hot tub is certainly a luxury feature, and one which can have a dramatic effect on bookings and revenue in the right property. Not only do they increase the likelihood of bookings during off-peak periods (typically attracting five more bookings per year), but they often enable properties to command a higher weekly price.


3. Open fire or wood burner

In addition to central heating these help to extend your season where guests may want a winter break away. In combination with other desirable features, they can help increase your annual revenue by an average of 12% and generate on average an additional 2.5 bookers per year. N.B. please be aware of an increased fire risk

4. Going the extra mile

Even when you are not able to personally meet the guests, a friendly phone call prior to their arrival with clear, concise information on how to get into the property sets the mood for the holiday. Leave a light on if they are going to arrive in the dark, and set the heating before they get there if it’s cold. A well-presented, welcoming property can make all the difference to their overall holiday experience – and the positive reviews you receive can benefit future interest in your property.


5. Enclosed garden / seating area

Clients like to know they have a private area where they can sit out to enjoy a chat, a drink, or a BBQ with their family or friends. This doesn’t need to be a large garden, it can be a small decked area or even balcony with a table and chairs. Families and dog-owners often look for a property where their children or pet can play safely in the garden. For many, this means having the reassurance that the garden is enclosed.


6. Pets welcome

Pets welcome Over a third of our bookings include a dog, so accepting a pet helps your property appeal to a broader audience. What’s more, properties which accept dogs get on average three more bookings per year than those which don’t. We do have guidelines for dog owners and they rarely present a problem.


7. Wi Fi

Many of our customers will not look at booking a property without internet access, and it is a question the reservations team are asked every day. 88% of bookings are for properties with internet, and this figure is increasing each year suggesting this is a must have within all properties.

8. Child-friendly

This ensures interest from the key family sector of the market. Providing a cot and high chair is expected; stairgates and baby monitors where possible are always welcome.

8. Games / play equipment

A games room or barn, outside play equipment, or something as simple as a play chest full of various toys, books, and games can keep a child occupied on a rainy day. A pool table or dart board can provide entertainment for adult guests during a quiet evening in.

NB. It is important to remember that in most cases, these figures do not reflect the additional revenue attracted by one of these features alone, but rather a combination. For example, those properties with hot tubs may also have a swimming pool or sea views – it is through combining desirable features that revenues are most likely to be higher.



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