Ideas for the ultimate welcome hamper

Ideas for the ultimate welcome hamper

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It’s always a great idea to add something special to impress your holiday cottage guests, whether it’s with decor, facilities or even location. A welcome basket is a little touch that can have a big impact on guests, so we decided to put together our favourite welcome hamper ideas in this guide. 

It is a clever way to make your holiday cottage feel welcoming and ensure your guests feel at home from the moment they arrive. Our senses can create a strong connection with our memories, so there's the added advantage that a sugary-sweet treat or distinctive local delicacy may later be something that guests associate with the wonderful holiday they had when staying with you. 

If you think this is a facility you might like to offer, keep reading for a few tips and suggestions when putting together a welcome hamper for a holiday let. For more ideas on ways to increase the revenue from your holiday let, click the button below. 

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Tailor your hamper to your guests

The aim of a welcome hamper is to make your guests feel special. So, ensure you keep in mind who will be arriving and, if possible, tailor your welcome basket accordingly. 

For example, if a couple is staying for a romantic break, chocolates may be the perfect addition, or if it’s a family getaway, think about adding sweets or colouring books for the children. Avoid any products containing nuts, the most common allergen.

If you know your guests are coming to celebrate a special occasion, you may wish to add a little extra treat or a celebration card. It's these thoughtful touches that will encourage guests to leave good reviews, come back again and even recommend your property to friends.

Similarly, if your property is dog friendly, a handful of dog treats or a special dog chew would be a lovely welcome. If you're planning on hosting four-legged guests, take a look at our guide to making your cottage dog friendly. 

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Scottish shortbread on a tartan cloth, on a wooden board

Include regional treats

Many people travel to get to know a new destination and most welcome hampers include delicious foodie goodies, so our top tip would be to find a locally sourced treat that represents your area. 

Every corner of the UK has something unique to offer, so you're sure to find something that will introduce your guests to the local culinary scene. A few regional examples would be Scottish shortbread, Bakewell tart, Welsh cakes or Yorkshire brack. Packaged versions of your specific local items should be easy to find in the area of your holiday home, and will come with all the required details of ingredients and allergens.

You could pop by a nearby farm shop or deli to seek out locally produced items like chutney and biscuits.

Teas and juice are perfect for a welcome basket

Add a selection of beverages

Teas and coffee are essential for guests after a long drive. This is part of the welcome pack which guests will expect, so be sure to stock up on each changeover day. Labelled tins for tea and coffee make it easy for guests to pick out what they want. If you're a tea aficionado, you could include a few different types such as peppermint and camomile as a special treat. 

To make your guests feel even more at home, consider adding extra beverages such as hot chocolate or juice. If you have children coming, a couple of fun juice cartons might be a welcome treat or a specialist bottle of drink, such as a new bottle of cordial, might make a lovely addition for the grown-ups of the group. Be mindful that, while adding alcohol to a welcome hamper is a nice touch, this does require you to have the correct alcohol distribution licences in place, even though it's free.

Lots of biscuits in transparent cellophane packets

Consider guests' dietary requirements

If you can, check your guests’ dietary requirements, just in case of any allergies or vegetarian/vegan constraints. When putting together your welcome pack for your holiday let, it may be worth ensuring you have a variety of items so that no matter who arrives, there is something in the hamper that everyone can enjoy. It's also important to make sure that any products you include have an ingredients list that guests can refer to if they need to.

If you know that a guest planning to stay with you has a special requirement such as gluten intolerance, then including a gluten-free box of cookies for that particular group will not go amiss!

Woman shopping in a supermarket

Have a welcome basket budget and consider eco-friendly options

It's important to be aware of your overheads, after all, your holiday cottage is a chance to bring in extra income, and welcome baskets are not a fundamental part of anyone's stay - but they are a nice addition. Don’t break the bank, but remember these extras are all part of the holiday experience which guests will talk about with friends and family. Selecting greener products, with less waste, and clearly explaining your property's recycling facilities to guests, will reduce the impact of these 'nice-to-have' items on the environment, and cater to environmentally conscious guests.

If you would like to put together welcome hampers for your guests but are aware that the costs can quickly mount up, pick out a few reasonably priced and thoughtful essentials such as a sweet treat, hot chocolate and a box of biscuits - there's no need to go overboard when preparing a welcome basket; the smallest token will be appreciated by many who stay with you. 

Don't forget, your time is valuable too, so ensure that the process of putting together your collection of goodies is quick and easy. Pick out a few treats that can be bought all in one go at the same farm shop or local store, and perhaps stock up on non-perishables such as bath bombs or luxurious toiletries for a couple of weeks or months at a time. You might like to keep a shopping list so that on changeover day you are ready to go.

Pritchel Cottage in Presteigne, Wales

Include key property information

Aside from the traditional foodie goodies, the welcome pack is a great place to include information about the property itself. Look at your property from the point of view of someone who has never visited before and identify all the things which may not be self-explanatory, and keep any explanations concise!

Fundamental information to concentrate on when creating a welcome pack for your holiday home includes passwords for the Wi-Fi, security information, when to put the rubbish out, and how to work the oven/other appliances. You could also include useful contact details for local doctors, dentists and taxi services, and supermarket opening hours. This is also the place where you can lay down a few friendly ground rules, such as keeping dogs off the furniture or reminding guests to use designated parking areas only.

In addition to these essential details, if your property has an interesting history or there's any other unique information you feel is important, the welcome pack is a great place to share it with your visitors.

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Use your local knowledge 

Local information about the region is a staple of any welcome pack. Look at the area around your holiday home from the point of view of an outsider and pop down to your local tourist information centre to pick up some glossy leaflets for attractions, walks, bars and restaurants.

A nice idea is to organise them in an attractive folder and annotate them with your own notes and suggestions. You are likely to be able to offer a more useful insight into attractions on the tourist trail than the brochures.

Why not supplement the brochures with your own favourite walking routes or restaurants described in your own words? Not only will this be of great use to your guests, but they’ll also appreciate the personal touch and information tailored to their stay.

Well-presented welcome treats in a wicker basket

Think about presentation 

Introduce guests to your cottage by making a beautiful welcome basket the first thing they see when arriving for their holiday. The easiest way to make your selection of goodies look good would be to compile them all together within a lovely wicker basket or box which can be used time and again.

If you have the time and are keen to make your welcome basket look extra special, you could add a colourful cloth or tea towel, a welcoming notecard, or fresh flowers to leave a lasting first impression on your guests. Beautifully boxed items, pretty paper bags or vibrant ribbons can add additional charm to your welcome basket arrangement. 

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