Special Balance Payment Policy

Last Updated: Wednesday 29th April 2020: 11:00am

This policy currently relates to guests who have:

  • booked a holiday on or before 16th April 2020; and
  • the holiday is due to take place in between the period of 5th June 2020 and 31st August 2020
  • For the avoidance of doubt, this Special Balance Payment Policy does not apply to any booking made in accordance with the Special Customer Amendment Policy

As a business we are continuing to monitor the Government advice and any other measures that could affect a guest’s ability to take their holidays.

As the advice is being constantly updated, we understand that this can be an uncertain time, especially for any guest who would normally be due to pay their balance soon.

We have therefore introduced a new Special Balance Payments Policy to help ease any such concern to allow guests the chance to wait and see how matters develop before making a decision about whether to go ahead or cancel their booking.

We will review whether we extend the period that this policy applies to at least once every 3 weeks in line with the Government guidance around any lockdown periods.

When are balances due if your holiday was due to take place within the period this policy relates to?

  • Normally a guest would be required to pay the balance for their holiday not later than 9 weeks (63 days) before their holiday is due to commence.
  • This policy permits any guest who has a balance due for holidays in this period to pay for the balance not later than 3 weeks (21 days) before the holiday is due to commence.

What does this mean for cancellations if your holiday was due to take place within the period this policy relates to?

  • If a guest cancels with 22 days or more notice the guest's liability for the remainder of the balance will be waived or the balance refunded if this has been paid previously. (For the avoidance of doubt the Deposit, Booking Fee and any extras will be retained. If Holiday Insurance has been taken out, the applicable fee will be retained, unless the Holiday Insurance is cancelled within 14 days of Booking.)
  • If a guest cancels their booking with 21 days or less notice, no refund will be due, and the guest will be liable for the full remaining balance.

Please Note: If a guest subsequently transfers a booking in accordance with our Special Customer Amendment Policy. The balance will be due based on the standard balance collection rules as set out in our booking terms.